« … Bread our essential give us on every day … » These words from the Pray «Father ours » and it at everyone on lips, everyone address with these to words to the Lord. And having thought of bread we should address necessarily with words of gratitude that this bread at us at is every day.

Prototype of bread were grains of cereals. One step at a time people began to mix them with water and to cook, so there were porridges. And only about 15000 B.C. there were first flat cakes from grains. The following stage is necessary on 2600-3000 B.C. Then Egyptians have learned to use yeast for a batch of bread. Then art preparations breads was mastered by Greeks, and there and Romans. Romans also have improved process of baking of bread. They have learned to mill grains, have invented furnaces. And already in Middle Ages there were bakeries. Bread was and remains to one of the important food stuffs all over the world. Long time by manufacture of bread manual skills were applied only. And only in the end of 18 centuries, in Switzerland the roller mechanism has been invented, that significantly has simplified process of crushing of grain and has led to mass production of a white flour without which the modern person does not represent the table neither to workdays. Nor on holidays.

It simply bread and pies, fritters, rolls, pizzas, cookies, pies, cakes and still huge quantity of dishes and products with application of a wheaten, rye flour, semolina and bran of manufacture of “DNEPROPETROVSK MILLING PLANT” LTD.

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