We build and develop stable relations with our partners. The relations arising during the activity should bring profit to all parties, thus precedence will be given to long-term relations than short-term one.

To manufacture our products we use unique knowledge and experience.

We aspire to build well-wishing and long-term relations with our consumers. In our production we put in quality which provides us the respect and faithfulness of the consumers. The best award for us is your pleasure from the production "Dnepromlyn"!

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Bread – is one of the oldest prepared products that is appeared in the Neolithic Age. The first bread represent a similitude of baked gruel, that is prepared from groats and water, also it could be as result of casual concoction or intentional experiments with water and flour. The descendants of such early bread are prepared from different groats now all around the world, for example, Mexican tortilla, Indian chupatty, Chinese poa ping, Scottish clap-bread, a North American corn cake and Ethiopian inzhera.